About Us


It all started when...

we were actually raising money ourselves! It was going very slowly. We were trawling the web and industry press for the elusive "family office." We knew that they would be hard to find - but this hard? We were averaging one solid lead in every 2 hours spend searching. The pace was unsustainable. But we couldn't use a list of Private Equity funds; after all, our business was a special situation that needed an alternative investor with the ability to think outside the box. And other services were asking $2,500 for a list of US family offices - that was nowhere near our budget!

Immediately we recognized the need in the market for "not just another list," but rather a strong value-for-money proposition that would satisfy our customers' needs. We tapped the skillset of our management - two of our team members worked as investment bankers, where it was their job to make contacts with and find family office investment. So, with a lot of hard work and grit, here we are today:

The Family Office Database is a leading online global provider of Family Office lists. Our mission is to create a high-quality investor database, and enable our clients to reach a professional investment audience in an efficient manner.  Our core focus is on the accuracy of our information, which is backed by a strong risk-free guarantee.

The Family Office Database boasts a global services provider network owned and operated by Archway Investments LLC d/b/a The Family Office Database. The company was founded at the height of the financial crisis in 2009, answering the demand for a quality service provider with a 100% focus on the professional investor market. We are managed by a small team of experts with experience in investment banking, private equity, database marketing and fund raising; we have served over 900 clients since our foundation. Archway Investments LLC is based in the financial hub of Atlanta, GA.

β€œThe Family Office List allowed us to stop spending endless hours on Google, and start calling our target investors directly and immediately.”
— -Max Fuller, Jims English Market

About Our Databases

We strive to deliver strong value to our clients, so we create our lists first-hand and enforce a strong "list maintenance" regime to deliver the most up-to-date contact information to our clients. We continue to add to our lists through our team's attendance at industry conferences, investor briefings and events across the world where we meet with family office investors and discuss their investment goals and objectives. We regularly instruct our team to actively research, refine and update investor information and contact details within our database.

The Family Office Database lists contain high-quality contacts for:

  • U.S. single- and multi-family offices, family office foundations and multi-family investment firms
  • European single- and multi-family offices, family office foundations and multi-family investment firms
  • Middle East & Asia single- and multi-family offices and multi-family investment firms

We ensure that our products deliver strong value-for-money to our clients, and enable our clients to:

  • Streamline fund-raising activities and capital raising activities
  • Obtain institution-grade insight at a fraction of the investment
  • Have a centralized database that speeds time-to-market and time-to-closing
  • Schedule more conference calls and on-site visits with prospects
  • Take advantage of the 1000+ hours our team has invested in building the Family Offices Database to leverage their business's time and efforts
  • Complete more road shows and sets of business trip meetings
  • Raise capital faster and more successfully
This is the best value family office list out there, period.
— Lawrence Barrington, Barrington Capital

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Risk Free Database Quality Guarantee: We offer a strong quality assurance guarantee for our database. First, we provide each client with a free upgrade to the next updated version of the Family Offices list originally purchased. Furthermore, in the event that you find a contact in our list that is not in fact a family office wealth management firm, we will attempt to rectify the contact and bring the record up to date for you. If we are unable to update the record, we will provide you with a 6x refund on a per-contact basis, up to 100% of your money back.