Top 3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Family Office List

There are many providers of family office lists out there, and some are naturally better than others. Once you know your target geography (i.e. US, EU, Asia, Global, Custom), you would be well-served to look for the following when considering purchasing a family office list:

Is the list competitively priced? Most databases subscriptions start at $1,500 per month, and you receive access to an online database that is not even exportable. For a downloadable list, other providers charge $2,500+. Family Office Lists by The Family Offices Database offer the best value-for-money proposition, offering an excellent value at a great price.

How many actual family office contacts will I get? When choosing your family office list, be sure to ask for an overview of what you're actually buying. Some more dubious services out there will charge huge fees but deliver a very limited product. The Family Offices Database curates a list of over 2,700 global contacts and growing (as of June 2017).

Is there a guarantee? Make sure that your purchase is backed by a strong guarantee. You should be confident that in the event that one of your chosen family office contacts has out-of-date information, you will either receive a prompt updated contact information or receive a quick refund on that contact.

Tune in next week for some helpful tips on marketing your deal or product to family offices.