How to raise investment from a HNW Family Office - FAST

Anyone raising funds knows that it can be a long and winding journey, but if you come prepared you can drastically shorten your time to "YES." Here are some tips to get you started, so that you can give your business the maximum chance to be funded in a short space of time.

  1. Purchase one of our Family Office Lists.
  2. Write a series of highly persuasive, elevator-pitch style emails that include the most impactful aspects of your business. You want to achieve a message that is bound to attract the attention of a family office portfolio manager who spends his day sifting through investment pitches just like yours - so make yours stand out! Don't forget that most sales (and investment) happen after the fifth touch.
  3. Import the Family Office List you purchased into your Mailchimp email database. Check out the video walkthrough of Mailchimp contacts import.
  4. Activate your campaign.

Make sure to have your standard NDA, slide deck and due diligence ready to go the moment you have an interested investor!