Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What format is the list provided? Can it be modified?
    Our lists are in Excel (.xlsx) format, which provides our customers with total ease of use. In contrast to the model of many competitors, who provide limited subscriptions to access expensive user-unfriendly online databases, The Family Offices Database lists can be easily downloaded and accessed by you at any time. Our lists can be easily sorted, and data can be further added to boost the effectiveness of your direct marketing and email campaigns.
  • How many family offices are in New York / California / London?

Our Family Office Lists breakdown as below. See the Family Office Lists product page for a higher-resolution photo of each list:


  • Do you guarantee the quality of the list?
    Yes, we strive for quality and service, and so we invest the time to maintain lists for our clients. If you find outdated information, we will attempt to update the information for you. However, if the information cannot be updated we will provide a full 6x refund per-contact. We work together with our customers to provide the highest quality database available, at a fraction of the price of other lists. See our Terms & Conditions for further details.
  • What information is provided in the lists?
    Lists include contact information including: Full Name, Company Name, Title, Phone Number, Fax, Primary Email, Secondary Email, Street Address, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code, Country and Website Address as well as Firm Category. Family offices guard their information closely, so information is not always available. While many profiles are complete, not all of the information for the above categories can be found for ALL of the offices in our database. We work vigilantly to update our lists so that you have the most accurate and full information you need, at your fingertips.
  • Do you provide refunds if we don’t raise capital?
    We are unable to deliver refunds if you are unable to raise capital. Once our list has been purchased and delivered, we cannot provide a refund except according to our money-back guarantee - see Terms & Conditions.
  • Are you able to do custom lists?
    We can offer custom lists, tailored to suit your campaign. Our custom lists are provided at a price of $1 per contact, with a minimum price of $295. Get in touch today to get exactly what you need.
  • Do you provide updates for the lists? How will I know if my list has been updated and how do I access the list?
    Yes, we update our lists at least 2 times a year. You will be notified via email when the list you purchased has been updated, and you can download the updated lists free of charge for a year after the initial date of your purchase by sending us an email at
  • What differentiates your lists from everyone else’s?
    Our core focus is on making sure we provide not only the best quality lists and service for our customers based upon their needs, but also a great value proposition versus our competitors. We don't "up-sell" you products or subscriptions you don't need.
  • If I place an order for a list or database of lists, how will I receive it?
    Once payment has been made, you will automatically receive a download link to retrieve your list(s), as well as an email with download link and confirmation of purchase.
  • How many times can I download the list from my account?
    Download links are active for a period of 24 hours following purchase, during which time you may download as many times as you like. If you were unable to download your purchase and would like a reactivated link, please send an email  
  • How do I pay? 
    We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and more.
  • How do I use a discount coupon?
    Enter your Discount Coupon Code during the checkout process. You can get a Discount Coupon Code by asking us a question below, or by signing up for our newsletter.
  • Can I customize a more targeted list?
    Our team is able to customize lists to suit your needs. In our experience however, we would not recommend targeting too narrow of an audience, since Family Offices are rethinking the way they operate and more open to direct investments. With ever-changing markets, Family Offices are more open than ever to emerging opportunities.


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